The Baldwin curates dialogue between cultures, nature and art. Representing contemporary artists and specializing in Canadian First Nations art and international environmental art, we curate, procure and consult for museums, cultural institutions, arts organizations and collectors in the UK and abroad. 

Dennison Smith, (PhD, University of East Anglia) founded The Baldwin in January 2016, receiving Graduate Entrepreneur sponsorship form The University of East Anglia and ongoing mentorship from the Enterprise Centre, UEA. The Baldwin was the recipient of a 2016 UEA Santander Grant and a finalist for The Innovation and Impact Award 2018.

Recent and upcoming collaborations or commissions in London include The National Maritime Museum, Canada House, Ikon Gallery, The Sainsbury Centre for Visual ArtsThe Horniman MuseumBorder Crossings’ ORIGINS Festival, Blacks Club (Soho), The h Club (Covent Garden), The Dark Mountain ProjectArt MurEquinox Gallery and Eurostar (Paris). 

The Baldwin was begun in 2016 by novelist and creative director, Dr. Dennison Baldwin Smith, and is co-curated by Oceana Masterman-Smith and Verity Seward.


Dennison Smith

Creative Director

The owner and creative director of The Baldwin Gallery, holding an MA with distinction from University of East Anglia in Creative Writing (Norwich, UK), a Bachelors of Science in Performance Studies with highest honours from Northwestern University (Evanston, Illinois), and a  PhD in Creative and Critical Writing at University of East Anglia.

Verity Seward

Curator & Projects Manager

Verity Seward holds an MA with distinction from the Sainsbury Research Unit at University of East Anglia and a First Class BA in English Literature & History of Art from University of Leeds. She spent an exchange year at McGill University, Montreal where her interest in contemporary indigenous art and Canadian history was sparked.

Oceana Masterman-Smith


Curator at the Baldwin Gallery, holding a BA with full honours from The University of Westminster and an MA in Museum and Gallery Studies at Kingston University. Click here to view Oceana’s portfolio. 

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David Ellingsen for photography. Discover more of David’s photos HERE.

The University of East Anglia Enterprise Centre for ongoing Support.